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After a few months, I am still adjusting to shooting with a rangefinder. I’ve only had my Konica Auto S2 since January and it still has a long way to go before I could trust it fully like the Nikon FM2n I used to have.

Also, focusing with a rangefinder, nailing the focus takes time and practice. Sometimes I find it very easy and fast, and I nail the focus without difficulty but most of the time, I spend like half an hour on just focusing, LOL. I check and recheck my focus, and thats what slows me down. But, I’m sure I’ll get used to it with more practice and more rolls of film to burn.

Anyway, photographs, here they are, shot in color and black and white, since I use film depending on my mood.

I was on my way home one night and I passed by the local municipal hall, and saw this moment. I’m sure the guy in yellow is a local security watchman. I’m not sure why he is watching T.V. when he’s supposed to be watching out for the people.

With the upcoming elections, a lot of different kinds of activities were held at the local stage in which the candidates for the local positions in my town have a chance for exposure which can greatly help in his campaign. At that time it was a singing contest and these guys were practicing one last time but I see one member late, but her dress is already there.

One sunday while having coffee with my family, I saw this guy holding a bunch of balloons right in front of me. A party later perhaps?

I hate it when I forget my lunch box. Its so hot outside, that the moment you step out the building, you’ll be sweating like a pig already. Well, I forgot my lunch box one day and went out to eat. I always bring my camera wherever I go, and after a nice meal, as I head back to the office, I saw these two best buds.

One of my officemates, working, and his monkey stuffed toy beside him, probably watching to check if he’s doing his job the right way.

Here’s mom and dad, sharing a moment together.

I was at my sister’s university school one weekend, I took a few shots around the campus.

Luckily, a ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Course) Formation nearby. These two guys were the Military Polices, stationed at the entrance filtering late cadets.

I do commute on my way to work and back home. One day I was just trying how fast I can focus with a rangefinder. I know it will blur, the lighting inside the station is a bit tricky and it is around 1/30th. In terms of focusing I guess I really need practice.

On my way home that same day, I got lucky with the exposure in the morning but not in the afternoon. I’m still learning Sunny16 Rule, and the only way I will learn it is to experience it and make mistakes. This was underexposed by one or two stops, I just did a recovery in Lightroom and grains started to show up. Good thing modern films have a wide exposure latitude.

A night at the mall with my family, and there’s this Pyro Festival going on nearby. I was loaded with black and white film so I just shot people watching it instead.

Yeah, I know, its the same guy from above.

I was testing an Olympus 35SP that I will sell very soon, at first its great, it wins in size and weight against my Konica Auto S2. The color rendition and clarity goes to the Olympus 35SP too. Its a great camera, though I love the Konica Auto S2 more. I’m going to miss it.

Back to the Konica Auto S2, practicing hyperfocal distance. shot at f/8.

These kids, well, see the ramp at the photo above? thats what they were doing. They go up the ramp and just let gravity take care of the rest. Looks fun actually.

Caught these guys resting after a long day. These guys have been selling starter cellphone SIM kits, I guess they have made their quota already.

And here’s my dad. My mentor and my bestfriend. A lot of times we disagree. A lot of times we fight, but he never fails to be there when I need him. That’s my old man. The man I’ll always look up to.

Anyway, that’s the last photo.

The heat is unbearable, and the scorching summer heat makes me want to hit the beach every single day. Hoping to hit the beach soon,